Belle Ensor Branding

As a girl who loves design- I thought it would be a fun project to create my brand. 

I created business cards, letterheads, and notecards. Consistency in branding is critical. 

When I thought about how I'd like to brand myself, I thought of my top values. Who is Belle? I value love, loyalty, & creativity. 

Every color subconsciously sparks an emotion. The bright pink I used represents universal love. When I see this pink- it makes me smile! 

I've always liked how my initials spelled "BE"- be current, be successful, be more, just be. It's such a great word. It ended up being my logo.

Font wise-I picked something bold and easy to read. I went through many fonts to find the perfect one. The serif balances the playful color. It adds some seriousness to it- cause I am all business. 

Meeting Your Mind

Meeting Your Mind is a hypnotherapy company founded in 2019- I was hired by Jacqueline to help bring her dream to life. I created a logo, business cards, a website, merchandise, and social media content.

Meeting Your Mind is a hypnotherapy company. The most significant task to tackle was the logo. I crossed some challenges. The first draft included a blurry crystal design in the center. There was too much going on. We wanted the logo to be peaceful and represent the brain. The circles represent wholeness, and the colors are calming. We wanted it to be simple and robust. The font I chose needed to be clear, yet creative. This project was a great learning experience.

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"Before launching my new business, I turned to Belle Ensor Branding to create the logo, color scheme, website, and social media content. She expertly and quickly captured the essence of my company across all elements. I was confident in delegating all aspects of the project because Belle kept me up to date the entire time and met all deadlines. Because she is so easy to work with, I continue to work with Belle on other components of my marketing. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a diligent, articulate, and creative person to move the face of their business forward."

Blue J Designs

Blue J Design is a company started by Julie; she is an interior designer. Wanting to create an online presence that would showcase her work, I was able to help her rebrand. I created a new logo, created a website, and her Instagram.

Julie's old logo included an image of a Blue Jaybird. Julie needed to keep her name in the logo so instead of a bird, and it's now simply a blue "J"  She wanted to rebrand and make her online presence more sophisticated. I was able to work with her to create something she loved. 


”I wanted something pretty, clean and simple for my design website...and because I’m an interior designer it was important that my website had a similar aesthetic to my style...She created my Instagram account and continues to help me edit my photos to keep a cohesive style. She was great at communicating and capturing my vision. Belle nailed it!”

Ashley Cooke

Ashley Cooke is a singer-songwriter in Nashville. She describes her music as "coastal country." She wanted to rebrand herself for her upcoming EP. I was able to help her create a new logo and make her website stand out.

The logo was really fun to make. We couldn't find a font we loved for the first letters of her first and last name. She had an idea she had drawn out, and I took her handwriting and made it part of the logo.

The landing page on her website says a lot. It is a short video that shows off her fantastic performance ability. It captures her performance abilities. 

Shading The Limelight

Shading The Limelight is a wellness coaching company in the entertainment industry. This was a major project to take on. One of the biggest I've done so far. The website had many facets and I was working with multiple people. I learned how to communicate effectively and how important it is to make sure the clients are happy with the design. 

Although the website wasn't my personal style- I made sure to meet the needs of my client and set up new business E-mail addresses, a PayPal account, chatbot, and did lots of photo editing (to protect the identity of clients) and worked with animation. I taught myself as I went and enjoyed the process tremendously. 

Cristi & Steph

"We are so grateful to have worked with Belle. Updating our website was an endeavor we weren’t looking forward to; however, Belle made the process enjoyable and painless. She is an artistic and timely professional who can assist any business in developing an identity and aesthetic to effectively communicate to a preferred audience.”

HIS Grace Everyday

Denita Arnold is a women's minister. She encourages others through the word of God. I was hired to create an online presence for her and allow people to book her for speaking events. 

I created a diverse website including booking, email campaigns, a podcast, a blog, and an online store. We also revamped her Instagram. 

Before & After
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